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Good design improves conversions and increases ROI

I work hard to capture your brand voice, personality and positioning with every single graphic created. Powerful calls to action and emotionally resonating designs that work to influence people's perception of your brand and change the way they think and feel about your business.

Because each person has different requirements, package prices are not listed, as they vary in both size and scope.  


Here's how I can help you:


  • social media graphics for Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn and blog posts

  • banners and thumbnails

  • typographic logos

  • business cards

  • invitations, cards, and newsletters

  • lead magnets for opt-ins and lead generation

  • brand boards

  • Flyers

  • Canva account management

Let's talk so we can build a customized package to meet your needs.



A brand strategy guides all that you do and creates intentional alignment with who you are and what you stand for. It's your most powerful competitive advantage, a roadmap which guides and enables you to: 

  • define who you are with clarity and laser-sharp focus

  • create intentional differentiation so customers understand who you are and what you offer

  • deliver on your one big promise

  • shape how others see, think and feel about your business

  • building a greater sense of meaning and purpose

  • and, foster deeper relationships 

We'll also create a messaging framework that is an absolute workhorse for your business. No more hoping you capture your brand right, you'll be certain to nail it.


Why that matters? 


Because then the right people will care and connect with your business which creates mutually-beneficial, long-term relationships.


Nickie K brand strategy package investment is $497 and includes: ​

  • target customer profile

  • brand promise

  • differentiating factor

  • benefit ladder

  • positioning statement

  • brand archetype

  • messaging framework

  • mood board 

Let's jump on a call and bring your vision to life through a powerful brand strategy.



Your website is your most valuable piece of online real estate. Done right, sites should not be created for all, but rather for one particular person: your ideal client.


This approach allows those who land on your page to feel like the carefully chosen words you've placed on each page speak directly to them. Powerfully resonating copy and content that connects to their deepest desires and addresses their most pressing problem--a problem that your product or service is specifically designed to solve. 


The result? 

More conversions and improved engagement.


Reduced bounce rate and longer time on site are also two important factors that occur when sites improve your your search engine ranking. 


Therefore, I work very specifically and use a strong digital marketing framework that is focused on user experience and search engine optimization (SEO).

I've studied many high ranking pages online and have observed that the best ones are simple, easy to navigate, and give you the exact information you're looking for.

All sites are made on Wix, a powerful cloud-based platform that's affordable, easy to use, and great with SEO. 

Here's how I can help you:​

  • website audit

  • website design (or redesign) 

  • website copywriting

  • retainers for monthly management and updates of your website 

Let's talk so we can build a customized package to meet your needs.



Sometimes the hardest part of business is getting people to take action. Consumers are becoming deaf to marketing messages, as they're exposed to upwards of 10 thousand advertisements per day. Sales-y and pushing direct marketing is often ineffective in the long run. This is why words matter today more than ever before.


To cut through the noise, businesses must be diligent and curate entertaining, engaging and informative content--because value proceeds the sale 100% of the time.


Potential clients are seeking to connect and build authentic relationships with meaningful brands that prove they are worthy of their time and money. It's a two-way relationship, and we must get to engaging and converting (in that order). 

Don't relegate your content to a VA. It's too important. Hire someone with the research skills, marketing knowledge, and writing experience to help you build a lasting brand that people know, like and trust. 

Here's how I can assist you:​

  • social media content

  • content repurposing

  • show note creation

  • website copy

  • blog posts

  • sales pages

  • emails

  • ebooks

  • newsletter and infographic copy

  • training slides or workbooks

Let's chat so we can construct a tailored package to meet your copywriting needs.

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