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You Know Where You Need To Go,

You Just Need Help Getting There. 

High-level digital marketing for service-based business owners and course creators.


I'm the one to call when you want to grow your business past DIY, templates, and tutorials.

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Don't Get Lost in the Details.

Solution and clarity is one phone call away.

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Hi, it's Nickie K!

​Although I call myself a digital marketer because it's what I do, my purpose is to help you take that special God-given talent or calling and market it to the world. 

I do this by equipping you with intelligent marketing, conversion-optimized copywriting, and gorgeous on-brand graphic design

Your business should look as amazing as it performs

How I Can Help You

I take your business goals, listen to the direction you want to take things, and provide a clear-cut plan of action. No more Facebooking answers. No more YouTubing how to do this or that.

The DIY conundrum days are over.


When you work with me, you get one-on-one personalized help and a tailor-made plan of action from a professional digital marketer. This means you can stop spinning your wheels and actually make progress, moving the needle forward in your business. 


No more stress about the how-to's or knowing what to do next. I take the guesswork out of marketing and bring real solutions to the table that will help get you actual results.


Because after working in the digital marketing niche for over 4 years, I aim straight for the bullseye of your goals by merging an intelligent marketing strategy with beautiful design.  I'll reverse engineer the exact steps needed to reach your business objectives, execute on each one of those tasks, and make your brand look amazing while doing so.

Ready to get off the struggle bus? Here's how it works:


All services begin with a free 20-minute consultation you book on Calendly here. After scheduling a date and time to chat, we'll hop on a phone call to discuss your specific needs and chat about how I can help you best. ​Because packages offered are 100% customized to your unique needs, prices aren't listed. The amount of work varies with each individual project, and you'll receive a custom quote for the work I do.


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From Happy Customers


"Nickie made me an exceptional website that got me listed number two on Google in a matter of days.  She does good work for a reasonable price and is a pleasure to work with.  She also helped me name my business, design a logo, choose a color scheme, and lots of other details.  I was lost on what to do before I contacted her about help with marketing and I am so glad that I did." 

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